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Virgin Atlantic Club Lounge. Heathrow Terminal 3. ✈️

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Just wanted to showcase Virgin Atlantic’s supa dupa club lounge at London Heathrow’s terminal 3. It’s such an awesome chill zone! It doesn’t even necessarily need a bank mortgage to obtain the boarding pass which would give you access either, just the smart use of your credit card which in turn would give you enough avios points to upgrade your flight tickets. 🙂

Wifey and I had the pleasure of experiencing this astounding lounge while heading out on a recent long haul trip to the Caribbean, and having heard and read so much about this lounge, I made sure to check us in a good four hours before that flight just so we’d have ample time to explore and soak up the soothing atmosphere which I knew the lounge offered.

My vacations always begin in the airport, it’s one of my favourite places to be. As wifey and I were travelling in Virgin’s Upper Class cabin for this trip, the whole experience begun with their exclusive check in area for such passengers. We were dropped off at their dedicated Upper Class wing where we were greeted at the car by Virgin uniformed ground staff who unloaded and took our luggage to the check in desk. After handing over our passports, we were escorted to a seating area where we were told to just relax while they prepared our boarding passes. That done, our passports and boarding passes were brought over to us, and when we were ready, we were personally escorted over to Virgin’s own security checkpoint for the quickest screening we’ve ever experienced at an international airport. If I say we felt very special indeed, that would be an understatement!!

So now, we were in my home from home, ‘World Of Duty Free’. The absolutely gorgeous aromas of all the fragrances battling against each other gets me every time, and a bottle or two of something punchy is always on the cards. Credit too. 🤪😜😁 Gotta keep those Avios points accumulating.

We were greeted at the lounge by the beautiful Virgin Atlantic ladies who are so unbelievably friendly. Once our identities were established, we were walked in by one of them who briefly showed us around and basically told us what we can expect before leaving us to our own devices.

I’ve lost count of how many YouTube videos I’ve watched regarding this lounge, but I can always remember being blown away by how fabulous it looked. Nothing though, absolutely nothing, can beat experiencing it for yourself. It’s plush and vibrant with all its boujee, colourful seating arrangements really beautifully spaced, and cool contemporary artwork adorning the walls. You’re so spoilt for choice too with regards to where you can sit during your time there. We must’ve chosen at least three places before finally settling for what we felt most comfortable with. For us it had to be an area where we could take in just about every view available to the eye. The lounge itself was sectioned off into areas that were serviced by their own waitress’ and waiters. We had a delightful lady who just seem to look after our every need. Although there was a QR coded menu you could download onto your smart phone, we chose the very attentive service of our waitress. She couldn’t do enough for us. Before long, I was up and ready to explore this huge lounge while wifey decided to just stay put to enjoy her surroundings. I knew I wanted to film 🎥 my experience, but should I use my Go-Pro, or smart phone 🤔? Yes, I decided to film using my iPhone 13, the results of which accompanies this blog post. To be honest, I think my video tells the rest of the story of this amazing space. It’s so important in life that each and every one of us make time to indulge ourselves.

This lifestyle shouldn’t only be exclusive to the rich and famous. Don’t neglect yourself, we’ve been blessed with a life to do what we please with. Write your own script!!

Happy travels. ☮️💜☯️

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