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Hello there, thank you for taking the time to check me out. Well, other than @pinderworld, I’m originally known as Derek (Del) and I sleep, drink and eat travel. It’s mostly what I think and dream about and I don’t even necessarily have to be away somewhere. 


I also really enjoy travel through the eyes of others, especially on the instagram platform where vibrant photographs and short punchy videos of amazing destinations around the world inspires and excites me. I have mad love for aeroplanes too, so that very fact alone always adds to the thrill of booking trips away for me. I even go as far as checking and securing the type of aircraft that I want to travel on. That could even mean having to change my outbound airport to accommodate. So yeah, I’m geeky like that!!


I started this blog affair because I find it fun writing about the amazing places I’ve been to with my wife who’s tied to my hip. When we’re at home watching tv and a destination pops up in which we’ve been to, we get all excited because we have experienced it together hence the memories are shared. I’m definitely not adverse to solo travel though. I’ve enjoyed some fabulous places with just me, myself and I. So, If I can inspire you through my blog of reviews to make that leap, then I’m a happy bunny!! I love staying in great hotels, flying first and business class and eating great food... who doesn't! I’m a true believer in the classic cliche, “we’re only here once.” So for that reason, I work hard, (well not too hard if I can help it) save hard, and splurge hard. I get it that not everyone can, and that travelling on a budget is primarily the only way most can see the world, I still sometimes do it that way myself, but we also have to feel good too, so splashing out on the odd luxury or two when travelling is a tonic well served. Everybody deserves a little bit of awesome, and we should strive for it!! 


Happy travels!!

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