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Singapore Airlines - Business Class

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

From the Queen’s terminal at London’s Heathrow airport, to my seat on their amazing airbus A380 to achieve and live out a dream which I’ve had for an eternity.

As I was heading out to Singapore for an event, I thought, ‘this is a lot of firsts happening here for me, so I’ll document it and share it with those who may be in the slightest bit interested’. One mans dreams may not be another’s, but hey, we can all try to inspire. So with that said, my journey with the airline well and truly began when I boarded the Heathrow Express train at London’s Paddington station. Unfortunately, unlike some other airlines, Singapore airlines do not offer a chauffeur service for their business and first class customers which is very surprising considering the airline is among the top five best carriers in the aviation world and they definitely aren’t shy of a dime or two!! All is soon forgotten though once you reach the check in desk. The designated lanes for business and first class passengers are on point as well as their fast track security screening process through customs. This was only my second time ever flying business and with the first time being an upgrade at the boarding gate with British Airways, I’d never been treated to such grandeur and efficiency.

Flying and how I do it is actually a big deal for me. I always try to use the national carrier of the country I’m visiting, so you can imagine how excited I was not only because I was flying with the airline, but mostly because I was flying with them in their business product on the mighty A380 aircraft, a massive first for me.

After an extensive walk around the very impressive duty free area where it’s almost impossible to depart without the purchase of something, it was up to the equally impressive Singapore airlines SilverKris Lounge to experience the ambiance and indulge in the delights on offer. The SilverKris Lounge opened here at T2 in April 2015 and is divided into two sections, first and business class. It’s so strange how you can actually feel like somebody as you enter the glass doors and present your boarding pass to the ever friendly faces at the reception desk. It almost feels like you’re entering a different world. Anyone who says it’s nothing special going into one of these lounges truly doesn’t appreciate the difference. I’m no stranger to airport lounges, but there are airport lounges and there are airport lounges. The ones offered up to passengers via their bank account status or economy plus tickets are a far cry from the creme de la creme of airport lounges, and the SilverKris lounge, Specifically located at terminal 2B for first and business class passengers, is of the latter, right down to the skilled mixologist at the highly stocked premium bar. It’s also very easy to get carried away in the very inviting international buffet area, but I knew I’d ordered a gourmet meal on board my flight, so I had to refrain from the temptation of stuffing myself silly. 🙃😁

The beauty of the lounge is also it’s location directly over the departures concourse with very large glass windows looking out onto the tarmac. Heavenly if you’re a plane geek like myself. Especially nice is the very close proximity to the boarding gate, in my case, gate B36. A stones throw walk away. We’ve all experienced a mile long walk to boarding in the past, so it was refreshing to only have a hop, step and a jump once the flight had been called!

Now, it is my ultimate dream to one day be invited to turn left when boarding an aircraft, but until such time, boarding into business class from a designated gangway will definitely suffice.

As you board and enter the beautifully mood lit cabin. You are greeted by what briefly seems to be, an out of this world goddess. Something that you’d seen many times before on tv screens and in magazines. Yes, I was finally meeting for the first time in the flesh, a genuine ‘Singapore girl’, the name given to these iconic like flight attendants.

Everything about them is immaculate from the way they wear their hair, apply their makeup, and wear that world famous sarong kebaya uniform . It’s almost like a badge of honour. The ‘Pan Am’ girls of yesteryear and Virgin airline stewardesses had similar statuses, in fact, Virgin still do and now Emirates too!! But the SQ girl, she stands right out. Their uniform is the most recognisable in the airline industry and carries an undisputed iconic status. The majority of us are familiar with the signature blue sarong kebaya but there are four colours in total. All designed by French haute couture fashion designer Pierre Balmain in 1972 to coincide with the launch of the airline. The original detailed cut of the design remains the same to this very day. The four different colours give rank to the stewardesses ie;

blue = flight attendant green = lead stewardess

red = chief stewardess purple = in-flight supervisor. There is no off the rack either, each sarong kebaya is tailored especially for each individual stewardess while there is a specific makeup to be worn for each different colour kebaya. So next time you board a SQ flight, take a closer look.

One really cool feature of booking a business/first class seat with the airline is the opportunity you get to order well in advance, exactly what your heart desires with regards to the in-flight dinner menu directly via their ‘book the cook’ service. So when I woke up on flight day, I already knew what I would be having for dinner later on that evening. That was a special touch!!

My particular Singapore girl told me her name and said she would be looking after me for the duration of the flight and I wasn’t to hesitate to ask for anything I wanted. “Thank you so much”, I responded. As I kicked off my shoes and made myself comfortable in the widest seat I’d ever sat in on an airplane while getting familiarised with the numerous inflight entertainment controls, the flight attendant was back with a glass of champagne. No little plastic biddy half glass, this was a proper glass full with bubbles rising from the bottom to the top. We hadn’t even taken off yet, but already I knew that this was going to be the best fourteen hours I’ll ever spend on an aeroplane. Well, so far, I can only imagine what it must be like downstairs in first!

I can’t remember the last time I flew and didn’t occupy a window seat. Take off and landing is a real highlight for me. Always have to film it. I know they’re all pretty much the same but I get such a thrill. Once we were airborne, I took a peruse through the drinks menu, and the first thing that stuck out for me was a ‘Singapore Sling’. I’d never had one before, and though it was my plan to visit the famous long bar at the Raffles hotel for an authentic Sling, it would be rude not to try one on the nation’s airline. So that was my first order, and gosh, how damn delicious!! And strong too, I must add!

As glamorous as these flight attendants are, they’re actually very hard working women making sure a top notch service is provided to you. As mentioned earlier, I’d booked the cook in advance of this flight which basically meant that I was able to go through this particular flight’s menu and choose my meals ahead of boarding. I chose Lobster Thermidor, another first. Before dinner service, my designated attendant came over and dressed my table with a starch white tablecloth, stainless steel cutlery wrapped in an oversized cloth napkin, salt and pepper shakers and a wine glass. She asked me if I preferred red or white but I said I’d be happy with another glass of champagne instead of wine. I elected for another Singapore Sling also, if only to add an extra bit of colour to my table. Not!! 🤣 Before I knew it, dinner was being served with impeccable finesse starting with a continental ham and sage stuffing mix as a sampler, and the most divine chicken and mutton satay sticks accompanied with a toe curling peanut sauce which only God could’ve made. My Lobster Thermidor was presented on a hot Bone China plate and looked and tasted amazing. Michelin star restaurant service at 40 thousand feet! I didn’t know it then, but this very inspiring service would be the inspiration of all future long haul flights in business class if I could help it. Now, let’s get to desert. A mouth watering chocolate ice cream sumtin, sumtin. It just melted in my mouth with every mouthful. 😋😋😋

With a flight as long as this, it was a great chance for me to lay back and listen to one of my music playlists which I’d been building over time. Thank you Shazam! 🤓

I absolutely loved being able to recline like never before with my feet up, eyes closed while all my senses were sensationally teased. Heaven kinda springs to mind. I didn’t realise it, but I must’ve fallen asleep at some stage. Reclining my seat into a fully flat bed wasn’t even necessary as I was so comfortable in the position I was in that I just dozed off listening to my music. At the touch of a button, I was fully back to sitting mode and ready for a nice latte and a light breakfast before we descended into Singapore’s sunrise morning. This entire experience was truly a beautiful one, and to think that I had it all to experience again on my return to London’s Heathrow in a weeks time was just the most uplifting thought!!

Fourteen hours direct on any flight is long enough as it is, but when you’re doing it on board this humongously large aircraft, with Singapore airlines, and in their business class product, fourteen hours seems like no hours at all. There’s plenty of room in which to walk around and stretch your legs. The inflight entertainment is enhanced by 43 inch tv screens, and the service is first class even though you’re in business.

Emulating Emirates airlines with an inflight bar and lounge on their A380 fleet I think would be the icing on the cake. Maybe also throwing in a chauffeur service too from home to airport and airport to hotel, and then again in reverse. That would push the final review score of flying with Singapore airlines through the roof and into the hemisphere. Singapore airlines is classy, a fabulous ambassador of a country of equal class.

I’m so glad I was blessed enough to be able to scrape together the necessary funds to buy this ultimate bucket list experience. Some would argue that it is a complete waste of good money considering they were arriving at the same destination, at the very same time, on the same aircraft for more than half the cost. I would argue nothing, just to say, good luck to you.🤪

In essence, #singaporeairlines epitomises luxury and glamour in international travel!!

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