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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Singapore...This is without doubt, my fave city of them all!! It has only taken one solo trip here to realise this because I was totally mesmerised by it all. Only downside is the extreme humidity, I’ve never experienced anything like it, anywhere!! I went for seven nights which included the formula 1 race weekend of 2018, so already I was in love. Managed to bag myself a weeks stay at the iconic Marina Bay Sands too which further enhanced my impression of Singapore.

I had to swim in that unbelievable infinity pool and the only way to do that was to be a guest of the hotel. Included in your stay if you opt for it, is the choice of breakfast in three of it’s amazing restaurants. OMG, I couldn’t wait to wake up every morning just for that thrill. As nice as MBS is, you can’t eat there every night. There are way to many other places to check out. The Hawker centres are especially good for that. Great local cuisine at truly affordable prices. And so much atmosphere too! You’ll never be disappointed eating at one of these establishments.

China town in Singapore is like a city all of its own. It’s incredible! Barta, barta, barta. Some really cool stuff is up for grabs if you have the gift of the gab. Same could be said for Little India also. One of the first things you notice when you get off the train at the aptly named station, (Little India) is the amazing aromas of all the different spices and food. You could actually be right in the middle of Bombay. I knew I wanted to eat here, so I just chose the fullest restaurant of the many dotted around. That’s always a good pointer isn’t it! Food suggested the same! Back to those aromas, there are an array of temples with the most delightful smells of burning incense sticks everywhere. They really arouse your senses.

If you’re happy to take your shoes off, you’re welcome in any of them, and if you leave an offering to the gods, you can give thanks and gratitude for all that you have. You can repent your sins too. All in all, Singapore is a melting pot of infusions from around Asia. (Hope I’ve said that right) if you’re planning a trip here for leisure/business, and it’s your first time, you have so much to look forward to.

I haven’t even touched on the symphony of light show in the gardens of the bay, the cool as hell shopping malls, or even the night safari, all fabulous experiences. What I will say though, your trip here won’t be complete until you’ve ventured down to the Raffles hotel long bar for an iconic Singapore sling cocktail. This is the home of this drink. I flew here with Singapore airlines, and they served up a pretty ok sling, but when you’ve had one from the long bar, you know you’ve landed!! I wouldn’t hesitate to return here, there’s still so much I didn’t get to do.

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