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Meeru Island - The Maldives

Meeru Island

Emirates Airline B777 300 - Dubai to Male

The Maldives is arguably the most beautiful place on planet earth...The fact that you’re reading this means an imminent trip there is planned and you’re seeking confirmation that you’ve indeed made the right choice in destination. My wife and I headed for the island of Meeru for what would be one of the most incredible journeys we’ve ever ventured on. The experience of a lifetime really begins once you’ve touched down on the island and you board your boat transfer. (Depending on which resort/island you’ve chosen will determine whether your transfer from Male is by seaplane or speed boat) It’s all so exciting as you cut through the Indian Ocean passing Atoll after Atoll, taking an approximate hour from the main island to the resort. We were going to be staying on #meeruisland at the #meeruislandresortandspa on arrival, guest were greeted by management and instrument playing staff members. You are also offered a much appreciated cool towel and a refreshing, delicious, rehydrating drink. It’s such a beautiful welcome and sets the tone for your entire stay. While you wait to be allocated your villa, you are surrounded by the most amazing 360 degree views of turquoise waters, palm trees, and the whitest sand you will ever see on earth!! Quite a spectacular visual! It really is a WOW moment.

Meeru Island welcome

Wifey and I were booked into a jacuzzi overwater villa which was amazing but I had done some extensive research on all the products available and changed my mind at check in and asked if they would allow us to change to a beach front villa instead because I more fancied the idea of being directly situated on the lush beach rather than just having water to fall into. They didn’t have anything available at the time but said they would grant us our request in a couple of days when one became vacant. That was very kind of them and awesome too as we were able to sample both their high end products.

Overwater jacuzzi villa

Overwater jacuzzi villa

Water front beach villa

Water front beach villa

Water front beach villa

So what do you do when you have fourteen nights of bliss in heaven right here on earth? Absolutely nothing is the answer to that! The most strenuous thing you will do for two weeks is lift a fork to your mouth. Everything is all inclusive. Right down to your mini bar which is replenished daily with beers, wines and a fab selection of soft drinks and specialty ice coffee drinks at no extra cost. There are speciality restaurants dotted around the island, but you must pre book your reservation. If you prefer buffet dining, the choices are great with a different theme every night. There is also an abundance of entertainment too for every taste, but if you prefer, there’s always the sanctuary of your beautiful villa with your own private outside terrace and the soothing sounds of the ocean crashing against the shore. It’s absolutely heavenly!! (I know I’ve used the term heaven often, but you need to know how special this place is. 🤣)

So a typical day on the Island begins with a sunrise like no other, then a cool outside shower, (all villas feature outside showers. But keep a watchful eye out for lizards. 😬😬) then a short stroll to breakfast at your designated restaurant. The views of the ocean and beach as you eat are second to none. It is the most idyllic moment ever!! The Boomtown Rats song, “I don’t like Monday’s”, has no place here.

Monday morning on Meeru Island

Meeru Island breakfast

A walk around the entire Island is a great way to burn off the breakfast calories, and the walk can be as long or as short as you want it to be. There’s something delightful on the eye at every bend. You can find your favourite spot and call it your own while you’re on the Island. If there could possibly be a downside, for me it would be the coral surface underfoot in certain areas as you go into the ocean. But as we well know, nothing at all is perfect, and the same applies to heaven! 🤭😁 No harm in packing a pair of water shoes though. We took our own snorkelling kits with us but they can also be hired if you have forgotten yours. You can so easily spend hours snorkelling because it is so colourful below the surface that you just don’t realise how long you’re in the water. As that can work up an appetite, a spot of lunch is needed, so off you go again, living your best life as you head for a scrumptious prepared lunch.

Meeru Island walk

Meeru Island walk

Two o'clock in the afternoon

Because the entire Island is private, why not seek out a different beach in which to chill on in the afternoons. What about a spa afternoon in the most divine surroundings. Wifey and I experienced just that with our very first ever couples full body massage at Meeru’s #duniyespa Two plus hours of being squeezed, rubbed and limb manipulation under the most delightful soothing sounds and incense aromas which made our senses tingle. Months on, we still reminisce about it.

Duniye Spa

Duniye Spa

Finding a spot on the beach to take in the evening sunsets is a great pastime and they’re spectacular!One evening you’ll have a saxophonist accompanying the sunset, and on another, you’ll have a jazz guitarist. Then shower, dinner, repeat. Tomorrow, why not add jet skiing or a historical trip off Island to the mainland of Male just to break it up?!

Meeru Island sunset chill

Meeru Island sunset chill

The #maldives 🇲🇻 will be everything you have imagined and some. There are also many other resorts, but Meeru’s all round consistency will be hard to beat. Ever attentive staff adds to the flava, and in heaven, everyone is equal, if you get my drift!!

So we arrived by day and departed this beautiful Island by night. Try if you can to make your booking as late a check out as possible with a night flight home. Doing it this way will allow you to enjoy another full day on the Island which would also include access to the buffet restaurants and bars and of course, one last mesmerising sunset to end your dreamy stay.

Cutting through the ocean in the darkness of night is really something. If you don't fall asleep from the relaxation of the transfer back to the main Island, you'll enjoy watching the lights as they appear from all the other resorts you'll past. Remember, the boat transfer is an hour long. Just the thought of boarding our #emirates Red Eye flight home made it all the more exciting!!

The entire process of travelling to and from The Maldives is an experience in itself. I've heard people say that they were bored senseless while there, but you do not go to The Maldives for action packed adventures, Your sole reason should be to lose yourself in the most idyllic paradise ever. To unwind from your usual hectic every day life for a precious moment in time!!!

Boat transfer back to main Island

Boarding Emirates night flight home

The unforgettable Meeru Island - The Maldives

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