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Maho beach experience

This is #mahobeach in the fabulous Saint Maarten, West Indies. We were really excited about coming here again, because the first time we came, we didn’t get the chance to travel over to the Dutch side of the island where the airport is located to experience what has become a cult gathering of people to watch the commercial aeroplanes ✈️ on final approach into #princessjulianaairport .

Watching the planes coming in extremely low over the beach itself is pretty exciting to say the least. It’s undoubtedly a plane spotters paradise!

On arrival, we made our way to the beach bar, #sunsetbarandgrill , not only for a nice refreshing drink, but there they even have a surfboard which is dug into the sand with all the aircraft arrival times displayed. Many photos and videos around the world show the Dutch airline KLM’s 747 coming into land, so pics and views of this huge jet descending out of the blue sky are the pinnacle of the experience and we were lucky, the KLM Jumbo jet was on the arrivals for today and was going to be third in, according to the surfboard.

Photographs in magazines and online gives the impression of Maho beach being a large beach when in truth, it’s pretty small indeed, so small in fact that it can become shockingly packed with observers very quickly, but that doesn’t take anything away from this cool experience.

You actually almost feel like you are able to touch/stroke the wheels of the plane as it comes in for touchdown. The reverse thrust on landing makes the alarms of the cars 🚙 🚗 parked up on the roadside scream as if excited like all the tourists onlookers.

Another crazy thing which people like to do here is hang on to the wire fencing that runs along the airport perimeter as the planes prepare for take off. They’re signs galore warning ⛔️ against such stupid practices, but as you know, people will do anything for the GRAM!! In saying that though, they're actually some really slick and truly creative offerings out there on said GRAM. #wheredidnikkigo and #cedtripping to name but a few. Puts my basic photography skills and content creation in the shade! 🤪🤪 Check out their feeds to see what I mean.

So anyway, we got to witness and feel first hand, the force of the jet engines as the pilots engage forward thrust for take off. We stood on the roadside and could still feel the sand and small pebble debris as it stung our skin for being even that close, so you can imagine then, the force being felt by those fence surfing. We watched in disbelief as some were propelled back across the road and onto the beach. I mean, how do you even begin to explain to your travel insurance company (if you had) how you sustained your injuries? 🤔🤣😂🤣

I find it a massive thrill visiting somewhere in person which I’ve googled the life out of and If you’re a bit of a plane geek like myself, you’d be in your element here, and it’s definitely, without doubt, a bucket list moment. #caribbean #caribeancruise #saintmaarten #mahobeachexperience

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