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Emirates Airlines - Business Class

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

#emirates where do you even start with this amazing airline...Right at the beginning of your day of travel would be a good start. I have flown with Emirates four times and each time it has been in their business class product. I love it that at the time of booking my flight, I also get to book my chauffeur which is automatically included with every first and business class ticket. For my wife, it’s a dream because she is able to have two hold bags at 40 kilograms apiece. (Why would you? 🤦🏾🤷🏾‍♂️) I like to travel lite!!! 🤙🏾

So it’s time to head out to the airport and our car has pulled up outside, generally an E class Mercedes stocked with little comforts to help ease a long mundane drive to the check in desk. At some airports, (Dubai, for one) Emirates has a designated drop off point with a staff member to greet you and take your baggage...OMG, that is the best ever, especially with wifey’s heavy bags. You know, there’s actually something about waltzing up to a business class check in desk with no one ahead of you and a long line just across from you checking in for the same flight. This is clearly how you see where your dollars are well spent! With check in an absolute breeze, it’s straight through to fast track security. No long zigzag lines to hands up for inspection. This experience is so cool, and we haven’t even made it to duty free yet. When ever I’m flying long haul, I always like to get to the airport a good four hours before departure. A nice little spree in the cologne/perfume section and then a really sound chill in the lounges. This review is via London’s Heathrow and Dubai’s DXB airports, and both lounges are exceptionally nice. Everything is on tap. The most delicious choice of food, champagne, to speciality coffees, and desserts, oh, the desserts!!

Really beautiful seating with large windows looking out onto the tarmac, spas and shower rooms too, if you so please. It really is the plushest. I’ve sampled a few. Some are not even worth going into.

The Emirates lounges are actually situated right on Emirates very own departure gates, so when your flight is called, you simply board straight from the lounge itself. It’s sublime. I believe Dubai has the enviable honour of having thee most luxurious lounges in the world. I’ve had the pleasure of using theirs twice. Dubai actually has two lounges, the largest of which is in their knockout new terminal building. They also boast multiple delish food stations and an in-house Costa coffee shop where some of the finest lattes, cappuccino’s and espressos are served on the house. If you’re extra tired on a layover, the lounge has bedroom facilities especially for your needs. In Dubai, Emirates first and business class lounges are separated, so I can only imagine what first must be like. One day I aim to find out for myself!

Anyway, that’s the lounges, time to board my flight for today...I’ve chosen London’s Heathrow as our departure airport because I wanted my wife and I to experience Emirates’ very sexy A380 airbus. I mean, that jet has to be the most classiest in the skies, and with Emirates own livery, the A380 stands out on the ground like no other passenger airliner. Boarding her is a thrill in itself too. So on our journey out, we opted for middle seating so we could sit together.

The seating configuration in business on the #emiratesa380 is 1-2-1 with ample room to swing a cat or stretch out. They’re so many gadgets to get to grips with and buttons to press. All this while sipping on your glass of welcome sparkling champagne. On our return journey, we’ll do this all again but we will have our own seating experience in the single config. Just think, some people don’t even have to pay to fly like this. Either you’re on board as a corporate passenger through your work, a standby staff member, or your seat is just simply gifted to you. Either way, ROCK ON!! Emirates in-flight entertainment is very impressive. So too is the size of the screen for each seat. There’s also an iPad tablet that you can use if that’s your preference. Bang up to date movies and games to ease you through your long haul journey. Wifey and I decided to have a date night in the bar at the rear of the business class seating area. We’d seen this so much before on tv and social media, so it was fabulous to be finally experiencing it for ourselves in the flesh as it were. Sitting at a bar 37000 feet up being served cocktails by a mixologist flight attendant, has a lovely ring to it, then back to our seats as dinner was being served. So this is how the other half live!! Throughout the entire flight, food and drinks were being served regularly, and on the down time moments for the attendants, there is a well stacked area in the gully where you can help yourself to snacks and hot drinks. When you pay for business with Emirates, you get the business with Emirates!!!

Emirates has won best Middle Eastern airline in the world for four years running since 2016 and the same for their first class product right through to their economy class. To fly with Emirates is to fly with class, no matter which class!! Flying with them has always felt special for me, and I highly recommend you at least once, break the bank just to experience the sheer indulgence of it all. But be mindful that there is a downside with that, you won’t want to fly any other way ever again and the bank balance may not be willing to play ball! 🤣🤣

A little competition for you: Now that you’ve read this review, can you remember how many times you read the name Emirates? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

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