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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

So you’re thinking of visiting Dubai for the first time and wondering what it has to offer? Well you’re in for a treat!! My wife and I travelled there for the first time in November 2019. It was always one of my to go to places but wifey wasn’t up for it at all. She had listened to too many negative things about what you could and couldn’t do in Dubai. Some of it warranted, after all, Dubai is an Arab country and like any other, its laws and ways should be respected. You are their guest! A little research yourself before venturing out wouldn’t go amiss!! Now, with all that said, my wife would be on the first plane back there in a heartbeat.

With all year round weather to die for, well, you could actually die if you head there in the months of June thru September, the temperatures are insane so you can definitely trust that air conditioning will be your BFF. There are untold amazing places to eat too. One of our faves was a pre booked night out at NUSR-Et, fine Turkish dining. A little pricey but most definitely worth it, if only for the experience.

Something else we pre booked before flying out was our Jeep safari. An absolute amazing day into night of desert fun. Included in your cost, you can expect a hotel pickup, dune bashing in said jeep, quad biking, camel riding, culminating with a great spread and a local dance show. It’s a really great idea to book the activities you like to do before leaving your country of origin. It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t miss out or over spend if you’re on a budget. We used the viator app to purchase activities, and the open table app to book speciality restaurants thus making sure we had our reservations in place. As Dubai can be very expensive, these are valuable tips to take on board.

As well as sunning on the lush beaches, chilling around the cool marinas, and enjoying the various hotel terraces for drinks of an evening, the absolute must do is a visit to the spectacular Dubai Mall. You don’t even have to spend anything, there’s just so much to do and see there. Really lovely inexpensive places to eat there too. I deffo recommend Tea and delish cakes in the Cheesecake Factory and dinner at least once in Red Lobster with a seat outside overlooking the Burj Khalifa If it’s not to hot. You can’t fail to have a fabulous time in this country, and it all begins with your highly anticipated flight there with emirates. The best airline ever, but that’s another review!!

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